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PSY 330 Week 5 Quiz Personality Disorders


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1. How can one differentiate a personality disorder from normal personality functioning? (Points : 1)


2. All of the following are reasons why comorbidity may be so high with personality disorders EXCEPT (Points : 1)


3. Which of the following scenarios is an example of referential thinking, which is common in schizotypal personality disorder? (Points : 1)


4. Which of the following was NOT a problem that Szasz had with applying the medical model to psychiatric illness? (Points : 1)


5. How is the criterion of distress met for someone who has very little awareness of their disordered behavior? (Points : 1)


6. Pervasive—which means the trait or behavior emerges in all aspects of the individual’s life—is similar to Allport’s term _____. (Points : 1)


7. What might be a drawback of administering the MMPI-2 in its entirety? (Points : 1)


8. Statistical deviance, in and of itself, is not a good criterion to define disorder because (Points : 1)


9. What is a change in DSM-5 that has helped it to align more closely with the International Classification of Diseases (ICD)? (Points : 1)


10. What has been the conclusion of research involving the five factor model and the DSM approach for classifying personality disorders? (Points : 1)


11. ______ personality disorder is characterized by being overly conscientious, stubborn, and meticulous. (Points : 1)


12. Vince seems indifferent and detached; he has few goals, interests, or pleasures in life. He does not desire or derive enjoyment from close relationships and quickly disengages. Vince most likely suffers from _____ personality disorder. (Points : 1)


13. Which of the following does the MMPI-2 NOT contain? (Points : 1)


14. Following the five-factor model, which of the following might you expect someone with obsessive-compulsive personality disorder to score low on? (Points : 1)

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